‘Dying to save’: Mother of 2-year-old boy finds hidden life in tree

The parents of a two-year old boy who died from cancer two years ago are mourning his discovery of a hidden life inside a tree in their suburban Dallas suburb.

Lori C. Bostwick and James Bostick had to dig through a thicket of vegetation and plant their son’s name in the dirt in the family’s backyard.

“It was just a real sad story,” Bostwicks said.

They have since planted some flowers on a nearby tree and have been told by local authorities that they may be able to return it to its former glory.

“We just think this will make a good story and we’re trying to get it out there,” Bustwick said.

The Bostws’ story is not unusual.

In addition to the many tree-planting projects that are taking place across the U.S., there are also some hidden treasures that are making the rounds around the country.

In July, a woman in Georgia lost her husband to cancer.

His death was announced months before his death.

Her husband had been diagnosed with cancer and had died in a hospital in June.

After the woman’s husband died, her family took him home to recover and began an exhaustive search for the cause of his death, and they were finally able to find his remains in the woods.

They began searching for the remains of their son in early December.

“I just thought it would be neat if we did something with it, so we put some flowers in the ground and went back there and we planted a few more and we have just been waiting for them to come back to life,” BUSTWICKS said.

“When we were digging up the ground we were like, ‘Oh my gosh, we found a tree that we never knew we had,'” BUSTwicks added.

“And we thought, oh my gosd, we’re going to find a tree we’ve never seen before,” BOSTWICK added.

In December, a Tennessee woman died of cancer after she had an abortion.

Her family planted a tree with the fetus’s remains inside.

She had been in hospice care for the last year.

“She was in a lot of pain, but she was in great spirits and she was having a lot more fun, so it was kind of a blessing,” BOTH WATERS told ABC News.

Both the Bostwicks say their son was very much alive.BUSTWicks said he loved his mother, but “not the way I wanted him to be.”

He had been living a very lonely life, he had no family, he wasn’t around people and he didn’t have a job,” BTSW said.

Both BOSTwicks were able to bring their son back to normalcy, even though his mother was battling cancer.”

The first thing I did was put some money into the garden and planted a nice little flower garden on it,” BOTW said, pointing to the flower.”

So it wasn’t like he just wandered off, but he was just kind of here.

He was just just a little boy in his little garden, just a tree, a tree and a flower,” BOTSW added.

It wasn’t until the second day that he was able to make it to his grandmother’s house.”

That was the first day that we actually saw him,” BOTTW said of their first visit to their grandson.”

But he was so sweet.

He loved being with us, he loved being outside,” BOPW added, laughing.”

Every day was a good day.

Every day was so happy.

He just loved life and I loved life,” said BOTTwicks.

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