How to build a comfortable living room with a bathtub

Living room decor sets are the best way to get your home ready for a busy summer.

Here’s how to create a beautiful, contemporary and inviting space that will keep your family cozy and warm.1.

Choose a bath tub2.

Cut a length of fabric to fit your space3.

Add decorative boxes and drawers to make the space more functional4.

Decorate the bathtub and bath mat with colorful accessories.5.

Put a curtain around the bathroom so that the family will have a view of the water source while you’re in your bath.6.

Make a wooden platform on which to place the tub, so that you can enjoy the fresh air.7.

Add a curtain to the tub so that it is more visible.8.

Add shelves and shelves of colorful items to the bedroom to add a little whimsy to your home.9.

Add some cushions to the bath mat to give it some extra room to breathe.10.

Add wall and ceiling art to the bathroom to make it more eye-catching.11.

Add the bathmat to the room so that there will be a little privacy.12.

Add pillows and pillows, a bedding rack and a sofa cushion to the bed.13.

Add wooden stairs and a bed frame to make your bedroom more modern.14.

Add an open window in the bedroom so that your family can watch over the river.15.

Add woodwork to the floor of the bath to add an additional layer of warmth.16.

Add hanging hooks to the ceiling so that they can hang from the ceiling.17.

Add curtains to the walls to create an inviting atmosphere.18.

Add two chairs to the living room so your family will not be left out in the cold.19.

Add bookshelves to the bedrooms so that parents and children will have more room to move around.20.

Add light fixtures and decor to the kitchen to make sure the family can get some work done.21.

Add decorations to the dining room so you can have a festive atmosphere.22.

Add table tops to the table so that everyone can sit down and relax.23.

Add furniture to the tables so that families can have fun together.24.

Add storage to the closets so that people will have space to keep their valuables.25.

Add wallpaper to the windows so that every family member will be able to enjoy a peaceful time.26.

Add tables and chairs so that each family member can have his or her own space to enjoy the sunshine.27.

Add new furnishings in the living rooms so that children can come and enjoy the outdoors.28.

Add outdoor furniture to create cozy living rooms for your family.

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