How To Build a Harry Potter Inspired Christmas Tree

The Potter franchise is one of the most popular books in the world.

Its stories and characters are one of its most enduring elements.

The books’ popularity continues to grow.

But, many of the products are made in China, and they are often sold at prices that are beyond the means of many families.

This is a great time to learn how to make your own Harry Potter themed tree.

You will need: A woodworking set.

(The most popular choice is a CNC router.)

A large-enough container.

(One that fits the container is a big enough one.)

A metal or plastic sheet.

(You will want a sheet that can hold up to about 4 feet of height.)

A small drill or router bit.

(If you want a smaller, you can use a hobby drill.)

A screwdriver.

(An ordinary screwdriver works well.)

Wood glue.

(I use a mixture of cornstarch and water to make a paste.)

A drill bit (or a regular one).

(You can use an old drill.)

An old pottery pot (or the old wooden pot) (If your tree is going to be a decoration, you may want to use a small metal pot instead.)

An ordinary nail gun.

(It’s easy to use this tool, but you will probably want a small one that can be used to nail or chip the base of the tree.)

A piece of string.

(Some people like to tie it to a branch or a tree stump to prevent the wood from falling.

This can be done by attaching a piece of ribbon or twine to the base.)

A drill press or the like.

(Don’t use a drill that will puncture your tree.

If you are building a tree with this, be sure to use the exact size drill bit.)

Tools: A drill, an ordinary drill, and a regular drill.

(For a larger, more expensive drill, you will need a heavier one, such as a large drill bit, a drill press, and the like.)

You will be building a Harry Potter themed tree using the instructions above, but the wood should be very sturdy.

To help it stand up to the rigors of woodworking, it should have a strong, sturdy base.

I use a 3/8-inch drill bit.

This bit can be found at most hardware stores.

I have found that a 1/2-inch bit works well, but this bit has a tendency to break if it gets wet.

You can purchase a drill bit at most home improvement stores for about $3.00.

I find that the larger the bit, the stronger it is.

(A 1/4-inch or 3/16-inch is a bit too small.)

I use an ordinary 3/4 inch drill bit in this project, but an additional 3/32-inch hole punch works as well.

I do not recommend using a 1-inch screwdriver in this process.

You will be drilling out the sides of the base using the screwdriver, so the hole punch should be a 1 1/8 inch or larger.

(Note: the base should be 1-1/4 inches deep.)

To drill a hole through the base, you need to use your drill bit to drill a line that is a little deeper than the hole you want to drill.

This will allow the hole to come through the wood, but will leave the base intact.

(To make a smaller hole, use a screwdriver and a 1.5-inch (3/16) hole punch.)

The hole punch can be purchased at any hardware store for about 50 cents.

I used a 3-inch-wide (9-cm) drill bit and 1-3/4 to 1-7/8 inches (5-11 cm) of thread.

You may be able to buy thread at your local hardware store, or you can buy a 1 inch (2 cm) thread and a 2-inch piece of 1/16 (1 cm) wood.

(Do not buy 1 inch thread and wood together.)

The holes should be drilled to 1/32 inch (0.25 cm) apart.

(This is a good place to place a safety pin, or an extension cord, so you can attach the hole with a small knot to prevent it from coming through the tree.

The hole will be snug, so this does not affect the wood.)

You will want to be sure that the hole does not go through the middle of the wood.

If it does, you’ll need to drill another hole through it, which will make the tree more sturdy.

After you have drilled the holes, you should drill the wood a little larger.

This should leave a small gap between the two holes.

(As a rule of thumb, the width of a hole should be at least 3/2 inch (7 mm) deep.)

Drill a hole in the middle to give the tree a little more height

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