How to decorate your room to make it a little more French Country

A year after she first began designing French country decor in New York, Emma is back at it, this time with her own brand of French Country inspired letters, decorated with a French twist on classic French cakes.

“I’ve been trying to do something different with French Country for a while now,” Emma tells me.

“It’s kind of my go-to holiday decoration.”

Here, Emma shows me how she decorated her French Country room at her New York apartment.

Emma, left, and her husband, Nathan, both live in the city, but the couple are passionate about French Country, which is a favorite of the couple’s.

They both live across the street from each other, so when they wanted to decorates their apartment, they had to travel a long way.

Emma’s French Country is inspired by the classic French Cake, and the French Country letter is made from white icing.

Emma tells BuzzFeed News that she was inspired to create a letter from the word “country,” which is the traditional French term for flowers, and it’s an attempt to capture a feeling of French country that she’s always felt.

“The word country is so important to me,” she says.

“You can go to any restaurant in New Orleans and you can find a French-influenced dessert or a French restaurant.

It’s really about the feeling you get when you walk into a French kitchen and you’re surrounded by French people and the culture.

That’s what French Country represents to me.

I think that’s a really important part of what French country is.”

Her letter was inspired by her husband’s experience growing up in New Jersey.

He grew up in the Garden State, and she says her parents have always made her feel at home, even though they moved to New York City from New Jersey when she was a kid.

“They were so very proud of the way that New York State was,” Emma says.

After she moved to the United States in 2014, she began designing the letter for her French country room.

Emma is not the first to create French country inspired letter designs, but she’s one of the first artists to create them with a simple, yet beautiful design that’s also beautiful to look at.

The letter, which she created with her husband and other French friends, is a modern take on a traditional French cake.

The French country symbol is on the top and the letter is on either side, with the word for country written below.

“People love the idea of an abstract letter that you can decorate,” Emma explains.

“But for me, I’ve always had this idea that I want to decorat the room with the French country letter in it.

I want it to be a little bit more French, but it’s still very, very French.”

She says that she likes the way it makes the room look like it’s from her family and her family’s tradition of decorating their rooms with the symbol of their country.

“When I see the letter, I think about my French country and I think ‘that’s beautiful,'” she says, laughing.

“That’s the main thing that I’m trying to convey to people.

I’m not trying to get them to like my room or anything.

It reminds me of my childhood, where I was always surrounded by my family and people who were so nice to me.” “

I love the feeling of my French home, and I really love being in Paris.

It reminds me of my childhood, where I was always surrounded by my family and people who were so nice to me.”

Emma has had a lot of fun with her French home decorating so far, and this year she’s been sharing more of her work on Instagram.

She’s sharing more about her French holiday decorating journey, as well as sharing more photos of her French-inspired letters.

“Every year I’m making new designs,” Emma said.

“There’s a lot more that I can do, and there’s a few things that I’ve been wanting to do with this year.”

Emma’s letter is inspired not only by her family, but also by her own experience growing out of poverty.

When she was in New Brunswick in 2014 to help her family buy their first home, she was living with her mom in a homeless shelter.

Her mom was having a hard time making ends meet on disability payments, so Emma moved in with her.

Emma says that while she has her own financial difficulties, she still loves living in New England.

“We always have a smile on our faces,” she told BuzzFeed News.

“My mom loves me and she’s very supportive.

I can’t believe how she loves me.”

It’s a simple statement, but there’s so much more to Emma’s love of French culture than her mother and grandmother.

She says her family still have a special place in her heart, and even though she has a lot on her plate right now, she’s excited to share more of that with the

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